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 “It feels like the whole of humanity and its story honed down into one crafted volume dealing not only with the joy of being on the move, the joy of the natural world but with the joy at the core of the human spirit. Quite simply it makes you feel good.

(Jan Pester, film-maker, poet on The Sweet Especial Scene, 2014)


A masterclass in the biographer’s art” (Undiscovered Scotland on The Sunlit Summit 2013)


This is a special book.  Some descriptions are close to poetry.”  (Ocean Paddler on Argonauts of the Western Isles, 2007)


“It is one of the most engaging kayak books I have read in a long time.”

(Sea Paddler Magazine on Fallen Pieces of the Moon, 2006)


"Unsurpassed mastery.... A compassionate, deeply moving rendition of some disturbing tales based upon reality.”

(Resurgence Magazine on Fallen Angels, 1992).


Astonishing imaginative brilliance.”  (The Times on Lord of the Dance, 1982)

  "This book is just amazing. Nobody who reads it would doubt its central significance. There is hardly a page when I wasn't   

     brought up short by an insight memorably expressed. A treasure trove of a book. (John Killick on Autumn Voices)

I WRITE: historical novels, children’s novels, short stories, travel books, outdoor adventure, nature writing, biography


MY BLOG, Autumn Voices, aims to discuss and promote creativity in later life. Go to

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